Fire & Commercial Doors

Fire Doors & Industrial Doors

RB-DOORS Research and Development department is one of the company’s most important departments, serving as a source of inspiration and a role model.

The department identifies future technological innovations in advance and transforms these into products such as single and double fire resistant doors, warehouse doors, high security doors etc..Moreover, the department succeeds in identifying our worldwide customers’ requirements ahead of time and generating creative solutions in return.

The singe-leaf fire door and double-leaf fire door, 30, 45 & 90 minutes fire rate, meet Israeli and international fire regulations, providing outstanding protection for various types of commercial and residential buildings, industries and institutions needing fire resistant doors.

The fire door and industrial door comes in different powder coating colors and different PVC finishes making the door both high security doors and designed doors. Fire rated windows also available in the fire doors: 600*400mm, 820*170mm or round 440mm diameter fire resistant window.