Decorative Security Doors

High Security Entry Doors: Decorative and Secure

RB-DOORS designed and stylish steel security doors incorporate the latest technologies, security systems and designs for residential entrances. RB-DOORS specializes in the development and manufacturing of superior high security doors for the protection of property and life, making RB-DOORS an international leader in the manufacturing and marketing of steel doors and high security doors for every need.

RB-DOORS’ security doors come in a variety of designs, finishes and colors. The new and contemporary MIX&MATCH steel door series, exclusive to RB-DOORS, boasts a wide selection of innovative finishes new to the door industry: Faux Fabric or Wood Finish, Shiny-Gloss Finish and more.

RB-DOORS commitment to innovation is also applied to technology: state of the art production lines enabling maximum precision with required dimensions, utilization of materials which increase the quality of the product and the security of the entry door, development of advanced lock mechanisms and more. Innovation is also reflected in RB-DOORS’ continuous design development and the creative and meticulous design of the steel security doors. The company introduces a new collection of exclusive models every year