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Who We Are

We have partnered with RB – DOORS’, whose years of experience in the security doors and locks industry span over 44 years producing for over thirty partners worldwide across 5 different continents for embassies, security institutions, banks and more. RB-Doors has specialized in the development and manufacturing of superior High Security products (steel entry doors with the unique multi-bolt locking system) for the protection of family life, home and property, making RB-Doors an international leader in the manufacturing and marketing of steel security doors and locks for every need, worldwide.

At Widi Locks, we are a team of experts in manufacturing, installing and servicing Security doors,Internal doors, Fire doors, Bullet proof doors, Aluminium doors & windows, Stainless steel products, Balustrades, Burglar proof, Burglar alarms, CCTV, Access control, Main gate (manual/automatic), Garage doors (manual/automatic), Gates & Grilles, Roller shutter and Canopies.

We have years of experience dealing with the most complicated cases; we can promptly offer what is effective, adequate and efficient for your needs. We are investors in innovation and always strive for perfection. We are stubborn researchers of our field, that’s why we are the best advisers to those who seek security for their homes and businesses. Still most importantly we are humans just like you, friendly, understanding, smiling and willing to have a laugh alongside providing the best quality products and services to our customers.
At WIDI LOCKS, we PROTECT what matters MOST!!

Why are we here?

Since we started WIDI LOCKS, our mission was always to ensure the security of our customer homes and businesses by providing secure, functional and beautiful solutions. The challenge of ensuring security of any premises becomes more and more difficult; this is why traditional methods don’t work anymore. We are here to make sure we go hand in hand with today’s demands for secure premises.

What are our products?

Our products are the culmination of many years experience, constant research and investment in technological advancements. Our bespoke door manufacturing techniques are capable of accomplishing even the most fastidious design requirements and the most advanced security needs. We not only say that our doors are good, we test all of our products in an independent testing laboratory and we have the certificates to prove it. Security is not the only aspect of our quality, fire proofing, sound insulation and air transmittance is just a few of the other qualities that our product offers.

How do we work?

The company has formed a team of young and ambitious people who have gained their customers’ confidence and respect for their knowledge, experience and competence. We believe that a good product is only one aspect of a professional company and communication is as vital. Our commitment to what we do will lead you all the way through your project, no matter how big or small without any unwanted hassle.

Our teams of fitters are trained in providing a helpful, polite and clean service, showing the utmost respect to the clients’ home and privacy. We believe that accomplishing jobs in an agreed and planned time frame is the key aspect of professional workmanship; therefore we will never rush jobs, but never waste time either.

We know that projects such as yours can be stressing and tiring, that is why we believe that a good sense of humour, being friendly and polite is very important to make the whole process as smooth as possible. Your privacy is our priority when carrying out the job that is why our workers will try to keep noise to a minimum and will always keep your home tidy.

Why us?

No company in the world will say bad things about themselves or their products and we realize that saying that you are good at something doesn’t always prove to be enough. And if someone’s word, as you can see in our feedback is not convincing enough then surely our policies, warranties and certificates speak for us and our products. From simple health and safety policies, which make our work safe, to the certificates of high performance of technologically advanced products every step of our work is covered, so your requirements are fulfilled in a timely manner and with utmost professionalism.