Product Description

The Gladiator System

To ensure the security of their customers, RB-Doors provide the most advanced locking systems. The Gladiator System is RB-Doors’ proprietary locking mechanism. One of the most advanced locking systems available; it directs 3 hook-like bolts into the jamb, making it extremely difficult to tamper with the door. The hook is a unique addition to the other existing six or more locking bolts already in the door.
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Technical Specs

  • GLADIATOR LOCK AND HARDWARE: The door is equipped with a unique 4-way lock (model RB507 or RB606), having four 10 mm (0.393")/18 mm (0.709") front bolts. The lock also activates upper and rear 13 mm (0.511") bolts. Unique hook mechanisms, located above and below the main lock, and 2 fixed hook bolts in the hinge side are attaching the door Leaf to the frame applying high security structure High security RB cylinder. An improved cylinder protector, preventing picking and drilling as well as forcing of the lock cylinder. In a locked position, geometric locking is achieved. The bolts are independent which means that forcing one bolt will not affect the others and will not cause the opening of the lock system by pushing or applying pressure on a bolt head.
* The colours are for illustrative purposes only. Some variances in the final shades may occur.