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Our team is always at your service to give you the support with great products we have available to put up your home in better shape and beauty.


We have a whole lot of different Doors to choose from with With Great Qualities.


Windows Comes in different Shape and size but we have a range of it that adds beauty to a home that will last longer.


Whether you are outfitting an elaborate backyard enclosure or adding curb entreaty to the front of your house, within and stairs , balusters will do the job.


We manufacture a range of Gates. Our high-quality of gates comprise: Wooden Driveway Gates (inc Sliding Driveway Gates and Split Driveway Gates), Side Gates, Garden Gates, Field Gates or Garage Doors, all built to any width or height.

Intercom & Security System

We install and configure intercom, camera, Alarm and Beam system for Homes and office to ensure good communication and clear sound interaction

Who We Are

Our company has partnered with RB-Doors whose years of experience in the security doors and locks industry span over 41years,producing averagely 250,000 doors per year. In partnership with RB-Doors, we are determined to protect what matters most- your family life, home and property.

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